Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ocean Waves

Water is the primal life source and represents our spiritual life and our emotions. All life sprang from the oceans. It is the symbol of the womb, motherhood and feminine energies. The Ocean in a dynamic force and is constantly in transition representing the sum total of possibilities. This is where we find our sub-conscious mind and even our unconscious mind.  The ocean is a dynamic force and represents universal life, spiritual exploration, time, and  eternity.  Ocean swells  symbolize activity in our unconscious mind.  Waves are for regeneration and dreams.  

The waves of my ocean are done with different metallic threads. I have learned several things with working with metallic threads. For the mylar type of threads work with short lengths, don't pull to hard and be careful not to pierce the thread. Although the thread breaks fairly easily it does give lovely sparkle and is easier to hand stitch then you might think. All metallic threads seem to do better in shorter lengths and with regular knots on the back in case of breakage.

I chose to add a bit of surf to my ocean by using some white netting and a pale blue sheer ribbon. I kept breaking threads while attaching it and finally figured that cotton was the best because it was a bit stronger to pull the scrunched up netting in. Regular knots on the back helped, too.

For the most recent photos of my project go to My Web Gallery or Artistic Kreations and Passions.


KV said...

Such a great adventure you are having with this project!

Kathy V in NM

Hélène H said...

I cannot read a lot at the moment, so I don't get all the subtleties, but I must say the pictures of your project are awesome.

I love the idea of the door in the tree. You find this in many fairytales.

The tree represents you, like a canal between heaven and earth, is this correct ? And you have 12 little doors/insights representing the months ?

Angela said...

In a simplified way yes that is correct. The whole piece is going to be symbolically laden but I imagine most viewers won't care about all of the symbolism and meaning layered into the piece. I like the way you stated it as a canal between heaven and earth.

The 12 insights won't so much represent the months as to aspects of who I am. They will be things that are special or sacred to me. They will be aspects of who I am.

Thanks, Angie

Hélène H said...

Beautiful project... I think great works of art are the ones that send you into dreams while you're watching. I can sense the seeds of dreams already from your work :o)