Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More Love and Irises

I am still behind but I finally got some time spent working on my May block. Since we are leaving tomorrow for a trip to Boston I will keep this note pretty short and will look at any symbolism in post with the finished block. The first photo show the background painting and the stitching getting started.

The second photo shows the piece with the thread embroidery done and the piece ready for some beads.

The last photo shows the piece after I added the stiffened Iris to the piece. The only part I needed to stiffen was the petals so that they would stay upright on the piece. I added leaves and sewed the roots down and spreading to get their moisture and nutrients from the world around them.

I do realize that Irises do not grow along salt water beaches but that is what Artistic License is for. These are primordial waters that give life to us all.

Wayne said that he really likes it so far. I still need the surf, sand and shells and then we will be finished and ready to move onto June.

If you want to see all of the photos of my Sacred Tree so far this year please visit my Web Gallery.


pam T said...

o this is lovely! I have seen wild irises growing in fresh water swamps up here in Wisconsin and in Canada... not exactly salt water tho, yep, artistic license allows for anything! can't wait to see more...

Brenda said...

so beautiful!
I went and looked at all the photos from your year so far.
This will be one of the most spectacular pieces.

a2susan said...

Yay for artistic license. The world is so much more beautiful because of it - and your lovely iris!


KV said...

Awesome work, Angela!

Kathy V in NM

Mary Timme said...

Oh I really like this. Iris are some of my favs!

Robin said...

I'm with Wayne 100% on this one, Angie!!! It's lovely. And I LOVE what you said about primordial waters giving life to all... When I clicked to enlarge, I was thrilled with the beauty of the iris, the blossom part!!!!

Way to get caught up!!! Have fun in Boston... Love, R

Marty S said...

The three-dimensional effect is wonderful! It will be a fantastic work when all are completed.
Marty S
Crackpot Beader

freebird said...

This is one gorgeous flower and it looks so nice on its background.