Sunday, September 20, 2009

Finding a Voice

Although she has been done for a while now I am a bit behind in blogging about my beautiful magpie friend. She is bright-eyed and happy to finally get to meet you all. Life seems to keep getting in the way of my blogging and I am sorry that I have been so preoccupied with life.
Seeing a magpie is good luck. This member of the crow family teaches communication and the use of your voice. Understanding the balance of light and darkness, they help one see in darkness. Magpies are highly adaptable and have strong social organization skills.

Curious and somewhat impudent those with the magpie as their animal have a will of their own. Magpies will steal anything they can carry off and teach us the skill of using what ever you can find. The use of what is on hand; may reflect in a ‘dabbling’ pattern in your life.

Magpies symbolize intelligence showing the proper use of knowledge and intelligence and how to use what you have. They help you advance your knowledge although the knowledge is often incomplete. You may gain what you desire from the use of knowledge, but it may come in an obtuse or unusual way.

Magpies show us how to use ritual in everyday life. They help us to understand messages from spirit and the proper use of animals as familiars and occult knowledge. If the magpie is your animal you can use whatever metaphysical knowledge that you have and are able to open up as a person to new realms as simply and quickly as possible. You should not look for quick easy methods of attainment through occult knowledge. Seeing or dreaming of magpies usually indicates that you are going to encounter the spirit realm and metaphysical world in a different manner.

The flowers in this block were to represent my love of lilacs, my favorite flowering tree. In my mind they will always be tied to my Grandmother who had beautiful full lilacs in her front yard. The smell of them when they bloomed was amazing. As I write this she has just recently passed. I am so glad that I included a memory of her in BJP while she was still alive, her love of plants and knowledge were always inspiring. Once we start landscaping for our new house I will try to include lilacs because they always remind me of her.


KV said...

Lilacs are my absolute favorite, too, Angie. Sorry to hear about your grandmother but her memory will live well with this lovely piece for your project.

Kathy V in NM

Robin said...

Magpies are one of my three favorite birds: winter wrens, quails and magpies. I'll never forget the first time I saw one driving through the dry lands of eastern Washington (state). I skreeched to a stop to get a good look at one on a fence post. In the next town, I stopped and went into several businesses, described the bird and inquired if anybody knew what it was. Finally someone told me the name. It's great to know about magpie as a totem!!! Thanks! She adds so much to your piece, Angie!!! Oh, I must see this in person. I'm working on a plan... ;>D Hugs, Robin

a2susan said...

I looked at the progress of your new home. It is very cool, and it must be so exciting to you and Wayne, after having been on the move for so many years. Looks like you'll have lots of room for all your interests.