Monday, February 18, 2008

Nary a Bead in Sight

The month of February is over half over and so far not a single bead has made it on to my page.

The top photo is the piece before any embellishments were added. One of my many pond photos this was a close up to capture the details that so fascinate me. I have added a lot of stitching to add texture to the piece. I am really enjoying how the piece is coming along.

My next step is to add the small rocks and bits of glass that are going on and then add the beaded embellishments. I am thinking of adding an Ndebele vine to the edge, sort of like the one I used for October.

A few cord twigs made their way onto this page as well as all of the stitching, the last few pieces definitely have things in common. It is very interesting to see how I approach each page because I picked out most of these images months ago. I picked pieces that I thought I could embellish with beads but didn't have specific plans for most of them.

Besides this page I have also started a new piece so that I can enter it for Bead Dreams, If you wish to see the start of it visit my main blog. (Artistic Kreations and Passions Blog)


Brenda said...

Again I am in awe, even though there are no beads.
Your talent knows no bounds.
Good luck with your Bead Dreams entry!

jacqui said...

Just catching up with everyone's progress. It was good to see the photo of all the work together. Is this the way you plan to display them at the end?

Looking forward to see the end result. Do you laminate the photos before you bead on them? Basically how do you do it?

Robin said...

Ooooooh, Angie! This is delicious!!! Nothing I love more than rocks, moss and lichen!!!! I can smell it, taste it, feel it as I look at your pictures!

Robin A.

freebird said...

Maybe there isn't a bead in sight yet but your style has a lot of lead-in work. It's looking like another great page started.

Glad your husband made it home safely. I know the navy tends to be safer but it's not safe. My husband's ship was rammed by another on it's way home from the Persian Gulf and one officer died so I know what can happen and that was just prior to the first Gulf War.

KV said...

Gosh, I love rocks! This is going to downright delicious . . .

Kathy V in NM

madness said...

as usual, every single photo of your work leaves me stunned and awestruck. You are incredible!

pam T - Wisconsin

artandtea said...

What an imaginative page! I love all of the natural elements and am looking forward to seeing how the beads flow into it.


Angela said...

Thanks, Wayne likes my stuff but he sees it everyday and so I don't get a lot of ecstatic kudos from him, sometimes it is just what I need. Don't get me wrong he loves my stuff but he is used to it and sees every step of the process when he is around and I think it is a bit anti-climatic for him.

Jacqui- Yes that is how I plan on displaying them in the end. I am not sure if they will stay left to right or will go top to bottom chronologically yet but will decide that when I get them all done.

The photos are printed on to Quick Fuse by June Tailor (it is a printable fabric that you send through your printer, this one happens to be fusible) If you read the descriptions of some of the earlier pages you can see that I tried printing on other surfaces as well and so far they have all worked to some extent or other depending on the look I was after. The Quick Fuse is nice in that it takes fairly crisp details pretty well. I do not print on the highest quality since that seems to over saturate the photos and I lose details but otherwise it is pretty amazingly easy to do.

Robin- One of the differences that you can tell between my photography and Wayne's if it is a detail shot of nature there is 95% chance that it is mine. Wayne has even gotten to the point he will point out moss and lichen that looks like it would be good for me to photograph.

Freebird- Thanks it is awful good to have him home safe and sound. This page definitely has a fair amount of lead-in work but I love where it is going.