Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Where It's At

Although most of my life is behind and I have a long list of things I really need to catch up on I have been keeping on track with my BJP pages. The picture is how they look up through January. February is right on track for the time being. Currently I have them hanging chronologically Left-Right but may change that to Top-Bottom, we will see which I like better when they are all done. I am still loving the process and think that you can see changes to how I am approaching the pages and my art as you look through the pages.


Hélène H said...

Yesterday is no more, tomorrow isn't there yet, only Now is real :o)

Don't say most of your life is behind, you're still young, and judging by your wonderful BJP pages, full of joy and sparkles...

Angela said...

I didn't mean that I was feeling old and most of my life was behind me, more that I was behind on almost everything (housework, projects etc). Thanks though, Angie