Sunday, May 4, 2008

Transformation Intensified

Although this piece is like September's piece a lot in it's feel and focus it was interesting in that I had a harder time deciding what I wanted to do. The butterflies were the most challenging since I had a hard time deciding how much beading I wanted to do to them.

Before I did the butterflies I worked on the flowers. I used cream and yellow seed beads for the small flowers in the lower right. For the top flowers I edged the flowers with iridescent thread and then chose to add beads to those that which would be closer to the viewer and beaded the centers of the petals. For the large center flower I combined my original idea for beading (beading individual petals) with Wayne's idea (beading bands of colors across multiple petals) and ended up beading sections of each petal but varying where on the petal I was beading moving in and out. I ended up liking how that turned out better than I think I would have either of the original ideas.

Next came the butterflies and it took a bit of thought to figure out what I wanted to do for each. I wanted to accentuate each butterfly without burying them. They didn't seem to want too many beads so they got their accents pretty quickly. After beading on the pocket and sleeve to the back I glued the two sides together and then added the red ribbon to the side and the butterflies are happily hanging on the wall with the other pages.

Here you go Robin hope this shows what I did better, Angie


abeadlady said...

Absolutely love it! The color just sings.


Robin said...

This page is beyond stunning, Angie! Every detail and the flow of colors are just amazing. It's definitely in my top four faves of your BJP pieces. Also, I really love it that you've come out of the greyness and into the light again... very much "transformation intensified!"

If you can find the time, will you post a close-up picture of the center flower? I don't quite follow your description of how you beaded it, and couldn't make it out even when I clicked to enlarge the picture. Thanks ;>}

Robin A.

Angela said...

The colors of this piece are very much me, I love bright intense jewel tones (could use some more purple however ;) )

Robin I added another photo to show the center flower closer up hope it helps.

KV said...

This page is wonderful!

Kathy V in NM

Kiwi Ellen said...

Wow Angie, this is delightful - the passion flower & the flutterbyes are gorgeous!

Peggy Kemp said...

WOW! This is just awesome, beautiful, and so inspirational. Thank you for sharing it.