Friday, July 4, 2008

Goals for a new year

OK here is where I look at my goals for the upcoming 2008-2009 BJP project as I discussed in my last post the whole thing is going to be a quilt/mixed media collage with painted and beaded blocks. But what all do I want to accomplish in the coming year.


-Explore new techniques, surface design/painting on different materials, different stitches, combining divergent materials into a cohesive whole.
-Learn more about trees and their roles in human beliefs
-Learn more about Totem animals and symbols
-Explore combining painted images with beading. (last year I combined my photography with beading so taking it a bit further I will paint images and then add the beads)
-Take my Art to the next level
-Share the creative process on my blog
-Enter finished piece in Bead International


-The background/support will be a quilt approximately 36" x 60". It will be whole cloth of a raw silk that my mother-in-law Marti dyed for me and gave me. It will be machine quilted with a tree pattern and???
-The next layer will be a mixed media collage a fabric support with papers collaged on to make a landscape and painting to add details. The tree will be made separately and then attached to the collage. Stitching will be added for details and to add leaves etc. Little to no beads planned.
-The BJP blocks will be 4 inches by 6 inches some will be horizontal and some vertical. They will be painted and then beaded.

The photos are a teaser of my plan for one of my blocks. She is the tree spirit, earth goddess, creative spirit, my muse and me all rolled up in one. She is going to extend outside of her block with hands to her sides balancing ???, halo extending above and and skirt made of fringing off the bottom. I was planning on making her one of the last blocks I did but I realized that she will probably require more of my time than most of the other blocks and if I want to really enter the piece into Bead International (that is the thought at least) that I will have to be finished with the entire piece and have photos taken by the September 2009 entry date. (we will see if that works out or not.) As it stands she will probably get started in one of the earlier months in case she takes longer to finish. Maybe October which is my birthday month and since her are arms on either side she works for Libra.


Carol said...

Hi Angela:
Your organization, planning and preparation for this project almost scares me, but not quite. You are a seasoned bead artist while I am a novice. I am going to follow your progess and that of other participants. I look forward to expanding my knowledge and skill and know I am going to love this experience.

Robin said...

How smart to identify your goals like that... As Carol said, you are a seasoned bead artist, yet you realize there's always room for more!

Brenda said...

I love your ideas of truly identifying the aspects of your year plan. And thank you for taking the time out from your creative time to tell us about it.

Angela said...

A large part of why I plan things through like this is my personality and how I approach my art. I address that in my July 13th post. I am a list maker in a big way. Having the goals helps remind me what I am trying to accomplish. I am sure that some very seasoned artist don't approach things the way I do but I know what works best for me.