Thursday, July 24, 2008

Leafing Out

More painted interfacing, this time painted mostly in greens. After making the tree with the painted interfacing and liking the way it felt and looked I decided that it would make good leaves. Most of the other ideas I had were going to have larger leaves than I thought I was going to want on the finished project. With the interfacing I could make them any size that I wanted.

I drew the leaves with permanent pens and after drawing out a group of them I would cut them out. I have done this so far in several different sessions so that I wouldn't get bored doing them. Besides the leaves for the tree I wanted to have ferns and Ivy on the piece so I drew those leaves as well. The fern leaves I drew onto the back and once they were cut out I flipped them over I had the parts for my fern.

I may need to make more leaves but since until I start sewing them on I don't have a very good idea how far they will go. I have more of the painted interfacing so I can make more as I need them. The fern leaves will be collaged on with the tree, the ivy and tree leaves will be stitched on when I do the embroidery work for the collage.

For the most recent photos of my project go to My Web Gallery or Artistic Kreations and Passions.


KV said...

These leaves look great, Angela!

Kathy V in NM

Robin said...

I'm lovin' it that you are making all the leaves and fronds from your own drawings! That's awesome! You could have used stencils or clip art or silk flower leaves... but not you, wonder woman, who is totally committed to making this piece 100% your own! Bravo! Hugs, Robin