Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Goddess in Us All

This first photo shows the block that my tree spirit was going to go onto. I did most of stitching on it while on airplanes and in the airports on my way to Iowa. Very productive use of my time. I had figured out approximately what she would cover so that I didn't stitch where she would be sewn on. The halo is a piece of metal that I found one time on a trip to DC. I cleaned it up a bit, filed sections to get some of the shine in areas and added a bit of paint lightly to add more color. I top coated it to help keep it from tarnishing any further. I like the idea of having a slightly tarnished halo. Once I sewed her to the block I added the stars around her for my twilight sky.
Here she is in her full glory, the goddess that is inside each of us. She made get her hair trimmed a bit but I haven't decided yet on that. I still haven't found what I want to put in her hands. I feel that I will know when I find it. I have considered giving her a charm bracelet to hold between her hands but am not sure if that is the look I am after. When the time is right I will know what she wants.
While in Iowa I also spent some time working on my background a bit. I have not put any time into that in a while so I was glad that I had the time to do so. I wanted the biggest impact for my time spent so I chose to work on the ivy that is climbing up the tree. I wrote about it's symbolism with my October block (Ivy speaks of attachment, eternal friendship, fidelity, and wedded love.) The first step was couching down the cord which is a green cotton cord that I added values to using permanent markers. The ivy climbs up over the door, up the tree and onto my butterfly and cougar blocks. The next step was to add the leaves and the tendrils from the main vines. I didn't finish all of that in Iowa but worked on it some at the Wire Fest- Bead-In night and finished the leaves. Getting the Ivy on helped make the tree seem even happier than it was already.

The last picture is of my tree spirit block pinned onto the background. Her fringing will overlap the door but that is fine since it is a secret doorway anyway and she will help hide it a little bit.


Marty S said...

Oh, wow! This is going to be the most amazing tree. I am truly impressed by your ability to plan and carry out a design.
Marty S
Crackpot Beader

Robin said...

I just had a wonderful (full of wonder!) time catching up on your Goddess posts. I loved seeing all the construction pictures and reading about how you made her dress, jewelry and beautiful fringe. I'm especially pleased and intrigued that you used your own hair... which is lovely the length it is (guess I'm kinda wincing at the thought you might trim it...) She looks great on the block with the halo (perfect!) and the way she partially hides the secret door is a good idea. You will figure out what goes in her hands... When I read that part, I instantly thought of a key in one hand and a small feather in the ohter... But it has to be right for you. I also love your ivy!!! Thanks so much for posting. I am blessed to have seen this piece in person in it's beginning stages, which helps me to visualize it now. Hugs and good luck on your house hunting. Robin A.

freebird said...

You've done a great job on your goddess figure. I would put a globe in one hand and a home in the other as it's women who've kept both of them going through the ages. It will be interesting to see what you choose.

pam T said...


Angela said...

Thank all of you for your wonderful comments, I really appreciate knowing that others can see where I am going on this. Robin and Freebird thanks for the ideas for what to put in her hands. My first thought was something to represent love (Heart?) and Art or Creativity since they are both crucial to my life. Sort of showing how we have to balance those things most important to us in our lives.

Robin, if I trim her hair it will just be a bit to even it out since it is longer on one side than the other, nothing drastic. (unlike my hair her's won't grow out again)

Plays with Needles said...

OK, I know you are completely capable of making your own artistic decisions...but I like the fact that her hair is longer on one side than the other...it's more natural to me...how you kept her hair from tangling and getting all messed up while you stitched the rest of her, I will never know!

I liked the idea of a moon or an orb in the spirit dolls hand....funny that we all see different things...I wonder what it all means...

Congratulations, she's beautiful!