Wednesday, August 1, 2007

July Journal

I finished the journal that gos with my July bead journal project page. Learning things doing the journals as well. I think it will be interesting at the end of the year to go back and look at these. It is the same information that is in my blog although arranged differently and my blog has more information but is a much different experience to reading the information on the tags, pulling them out of their pockets etc.


Robin said...

Ooooooooooooooooooooooooh! Do I love this journal? YES I DO!!!!! As I mentioned about the last one, I soooooooo want to see these in person.... And I want to make one!!!! Let's give some thought to organizing a class.... OK?

beadbabe49 said...

what a great idea! and a class would be fun!

Sacredartist said...

This is really a great idea. You have definitively added another dimension to your journal pages. I love the meaning that you are trying to get from your pages. Where you want them to take you, your intention and then your reflections on the journey through the month.
I think it is amazing as I work on one idea for the month how much meaning comes to me when I am not working on my project ...but washing dishes or other mundane task.
I look forward to seeing your August page as it develops.

Angela said...

Sacredartist, I have found that to, some of the deeper meanings come out as I work on mundane tasks or when I am doing Yoga now that I have started doing that.

Robin and Beadbabe49 I am more than willing although some of the techniques are different between the 2. Paper arts are something I enjoy and I wouldn't mind sharing with others.

If any one wants any of the little scrapbooks let me know and I can see if Big Lots still has some, they were all of $2 each and although they were baby blue to start out with you would never guess that now. It wouldn't be that hard to make them but at $2 I figured that saved some time. All of the tecniques I have used could be used in other formats of journals. I could see a slightly larger spiral bound sketchbook or scrapbook giving lots of opportunities for exploration of different techniques.

Actually you know what would be great is a retreat where a bunch of us met and everyone shared different things we were good at that others wanted to learn. OK, so I dream big. ~Angie