Thursday, August 9, 2007

There Be Dragons Here

I meant to take photos and post them a couple of days ago but haven't gotten a lot of beading done in the last few days. Part of that is instructions for a class I was supposed to teach at Bead Boutique ( class canceled but instructions now complete) and part was that I have added physical activities and writing in my morning pages to my day. I haven't quite found the proper balance for all things in my life yet. It will come I am sure. I am trying to keep the changes slow so that I don't push myself into frustration or hurt anything. Unlike a car I can't go from 0-60 in seconds. Ooh, did I just say that? Too many years living with a man who loves his cars.

I have my small dragon beaded and will just need to sew it on. I have a start on the larger dragon. Beading through the main support and fabric and 1 layer of the canvas paper is not hard. It is a bit more challenging to go through 2 layers of canvas paper along with the main support. A thimble is a good thing. I use one a lot with my bead embroidery anyway, otherwise I end up with the needle going into my finger eye first just a little bit too often and my finger tip gets sore. I stab myself with needles often enough as it is.

I liked the fact that the dragons in the photos looked like the edges of their scales and other bits were gilded so I took some silver sequins and used a permanent metallic gold marker and colored half of the edge with it. I really like how it looks. With my silver 15s and my gold charlottes they look sort of regal and blingy. I am definitely a glitter girl I love crystals and AB and metallic finishes. I have worked with crystal sequins before but this is my first time with regular sequins. You can't overlap the crystal ones and need doubled Fireline.

I am working on my columns at the moment because the adhesive I used is not holding them down real well and I don't want to risk them tearing. After that I will work on attaching the border ribbon to the front. It will be easier to know where some of the beading goes after I get that on.

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KV said...

Love your description of the process, Angie. I was wondering how it would go with getting a needle through all those layers. I admire your exploration of techniques and I LOVE those dragons!

Kathy V in NM

Brenda said...

Beautiful beadwork so far.
Your creativity astounds me.

Lillian said...

I love how realistic your sequins, etc. make your dragons look, amazing! Lillian in WA

freebird said...

It's looking nice. I like your scales and now I know it's possible to bead through multiple layers!

Angela said...

All of my pieces have included multiple layers, some more layers than others and the main thing to remember is to use a thimble and I will admit shorter needles work better for me if you get stuck trying to get through a small pair of forcepts or pliers help.

I knew when I looked at the dragons that sequins would be perfect for their scales and the results are better than I could have hoped for.

Brenda thank you, a large part of the creativity comes from having had years to develop and focus on my creative side. My husband is a supporter of the arts (he supports me). Through the years I have gone through several transformative periods where my art has taken a leap. When the time comes and I am ready the vehicle for my change comes; this time it was the BJP. I find it interesting how many people are finding the BJP as the vehicle to their own growth.

Thank you all. Angie