Wednesday, July 25, 2007

On the Threshold

I am pretty sure I know what the key is, it is there on my lock, it says "Made With Love" The key is love, isn't it always? In this case I need to love myself enough to take better care of myself. Not drinking enough water, not eating a balanced diet, not working out; I am sabotaging my self both physically and creatively. How can I be a fully realized person if I am out of balanced. I hope that at least part of the solution is fully realizing this. I need to love myself enough to "want" to improve my life and find out the best way for me to incorporate good habits into my life to replace those that aren't as good for me. I have been dragging my feet as this realization has come to me but I think as this month ends I need to take the steps forward to help get myself healthier and with that I know that I will be able to take that next step that my art is ready for.

On a slightly less serious note I hope that I am not making anyone uncomfortable. I think that sharing this journey in this way is helpful in that I know there are others who understand and "get" it. I also think it is good because as others read this who maybe going through their own personal growth and struggles and it is always good to know that you are not alone.

My July page is mostly done. I have glued the back on and am adding the beaded edging onto currently. I also have work to do on the journal to go with it. If the key is going to show up in the piece it will either be in the journal or I have a feeling it will show up in one of my future pages, maybe once I am truly ready for it to show up. I am very thankful that I have this journey before me and maybe the fact that I have so much time to myself is a good thing. I have less outside distractions and more time for contemplation.


M.J. Mullins said...

This is the most romantic page I've seen to date - full of mystery and a sense of promise. Beautiful.

Robin said...

I get it so thoroughly that it may even be possible that through your beading and your words, I may also open the gate with the same key. I have the exact same concerns. I am almost without words to express my gratitude that you have done this work and given of your self through your hands and your heart. Thank you.

Although I'll miss your wonderful journal-style blog, this new one does open much, much faster. As I read it, I'll always imagine the paper clips and script on lined "paper."

With love, Robin

KV said...

Oh, Angie --

this has turned out so well. And your thoughtfulness and sense of purpose in your message helps us all share your adventure.

It will be a grand adventure.

Kathy V in NM

Lin Moon said...

Wow, this is a very unique Bead Journal Page. It has so much depth as well as beauty. I love the green fringy stuff on the side, the enlarged flowers, the symbolism - all of it! It is so wonderful.

Mary Timme said...

These are concerns we all share, and you've done what I think art should do, and that is hit on the 'universal truth' as my writing teacher used to say! When you hit that, the art works, no matter the medium!

You've said it well for all of us. Thanks!

vivage said...

I agree with Morwyn, romantic and mysterious. Beautifully done.

I'm happy you're sharing where you are in life right now, I'm in a similar place and sharing where we are via journaling and art is (I think) a universal thing.

p.s. I also think that sometimes the uncomfortable things show us exactly where we are needing balance.

LJ said...

Soooo beautiful and mysterious.

Nancy K. said...

Angie, this is really great and three dimensional, like you could just walk through it. Very unique.


Angela said...

Thank you all so much, It means so much to know that other people "get" it and to know that I am not alone in what I am going through.

I am finding it so interesting seeing where combining different images takes me visually as well as my personal journey. I am amazed what can happen when you combine different photos whether smaller ones like I used in June or larger ones like this month's Each presents it's own challenges. I think that the rest of the months are going to be a mix of the 2.

Robin, I think I am going to miss the other format as well but making it easier to download and comment to seemed to be a better idea. Also thank you for this opportunity to join this project, the timing couldn't have been better for me.

With Love to you all on our journey through the gate. Angie

Anonymous said...

This is totally lovely!

Judi D said...

Breath lovely!

Ellen said...

Angela, this is an amazing work of art, I love it!!

Timaree said...

Guess I should have scrolled down farther before talking about not getting to see your details better. Your page really turned out great. And no, you are not going on too much. I think this project is opening many doors for a lot of us. It's really wonderful to be able (privileged?) to share the journey with so many.