Monday, October 1, 2007

The 13th Dragonfly

In she flies, full of fun and excitement ready to lead me on the path my life is following. She encourages my transformations reminding me how beautiful I am inside and out and that I can do and be anything I want to. I am not surprised by her wonderful crystal wings glittering in purples. The color of creativity and royalty (and my favorite) she is the queen dragonfly. She stands out from the rest of the crowd ready to share her wisdom and love with those who need her.
Our 13th beauty has wings made with right angle weave in 3 mm Swarovski Crystals. I love the bling and sparkle of crystals. She has wire through the edges of her wings and joining her body sections together. After all of the pieces were together I made small slits in my page and fed her legs to the back so they could be tacked down. For once I remembered to photograph the back of my piece before putting it together so you can see what one looks like.

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