Monday, October 1, 2007

Spiral Vines

For those of you who have been reading my previous posts you may look at the photos and say 'Hey weren't there going to be herringbone vines on this page?' Yes there were but when I laid one of my vines on the page the dragonflies rebelled and threatened to fly off the page. The herringbone vining was to heavy for the page and visually weighed it down and changed the mood.

The day before my Inner Child had been doodling and made one of our favorite doodles curly cue vines with leaves and flowers and the dragonflies decided that those where a much better choice fun and fanciful without weighing down the mood of the page. So sharpie in hand we added spiraling vines and then beaded them . The herringbone stitch made it onto the page in a different way. I added a backstitched border to the page and off of that I added herringbone strips that will be wrapped around the edges to the back.

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