Sunday, July 22, 2007

Back to Work

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Well Wayne is gone now (for 6-7 months) and yesterday and today I am pretty much doing whatever I feel like doing which means that I have been spending part of my time working on my June page. It has come along further since I took the photos this afternoon but will continue to put on newer photos as I go.

I have found it interesting figuring out how I want to add the beads and still keep the photos as an integral part of the design. I am having a lot of fun and the beading is developing as I go.

After dropping Wayne off yesterday I stopped at Big Lots and found some 4 x 6 inch accordion fold books that I am going to use to make a little journal that will go on the back of my page. I bought 13 of them (1 extra) since they were only $2 each. I am sure they will look very different once I get each one finished. I can't remember who mentioned the idea of putting a journal page in a pocket on the back. I think it would be great to mention inspirations, new techniques and other things. The back of my quilt will have a sleeve for hanging and a pocket for the journal.

I have started going through my digital photos and started to get them organized and start narrowing down the field for the photos(s) that I will use for July.

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