Monday, July 23, 2007

The Gate into My World

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Ever since we visited the Chateau-Sur-Mer a "summer cottage" ( or mansion to the rest of us mere mortals) in Newport Rhode Island and taken photos of the gate, the image has captured my imagination. I have always liked images of doorways, gates and looking through windows. They give themselves over to the story of what is out there and allow viewers to embark on their own journey. The background in the original photo wasn't that interesting but once you combine it with the drama of the sun setting in Hawaii it became much more interesting.

I cut the stone part of the gate out and needed to replace the metal gate with one of my own. After some consideration I decided that I would make the gate sections out of wire covered with seed beads. I used the original gate from the photos as a pattern. You will notice that my gate isn't perfect and although I considered re-doing it I really like the almost dilapidated feel of the gate. It was sort of like the gate has been there for a very long time. I found a heart charm at the local Michaels that said "Made With Love" and had a lock like center, it was a pretty good size to go with my gate. I made the 3 gate pieces separately and then added them to the piece.

Part of the reason I had chosen to make the gate with wire is that I wanted my gate to open. I attached the 2 side sections to the page and then made wire staples that I pushed through the background where I wanted the hinges for the gate and Viola! I ahd a gate that could open and you could walk into my world.

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